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New Forest Half Marathon

Book early to avoid disapointment ! Remember how the New Forest half marathon gets fully booked by June ? Well, June is here ! Click New Forest Half Marathon for a link to the official site. Looks like you can enter on line this year at the Runners World website.

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The Balmer Lawn Bunch

It cannot go un-recorded that some of the Curry Club Runners, namely Richard N and Nigel, were in fact moonlighting for the Balmer Lawn Health Club team. This was a competition between three hotels in Brockenhurst trying to out perform each other on the Lymington 10K fun run.

The Balmer Lawn Health club team

Many thanks to Chris and Alison for the excellent refreshments at the end of the run.

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The Curry Club Runner – once again, better than the average runner. Conclusive proof that members of the Curry Club Runners consistently out perform the average Lymington 10K runner.

Average time for all runners was 56 minutes 40 seconds.

Average time for the Curry Club Runners 52 minutes, 58 seconds.

On a desperately hot day Rich, Dave, Richard, Nigel, Jerry, Simon, Russ, Steve and Bob all competed for glory. On what was a very pleasant run all CC runners put in a great personal performance. Great runs by Rich, Dave, Richard and Simon. Full results can be found by clicking the Lymington 10K results link.

The actual CC runners times were

Richard Dunne 46.17
David Townsley 46.35
Richard Newsom 49.16
Nigel Payne 51.41
Jeremy Marden 53.37
Simon Williams 55.14
Russ Lomax 56.59
Steve Coe 58.00
Sunflower Bob 59.02

Here’s what the runners looked like before and after the run –

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Germany calling

Some bloke called Rob thinks that it would be a good idea to run the Berlin marathon on September 28th.  It’s flat, it’s fast and it’s in the Fatherland.  Click on the Berlin Marathon link for more details.

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