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The spiritual home of the Curry Club Runners. A great curry, excellent service and all at the very centre of Brockenhurst.

Can anyone come up with a better photo ?

Dynasty Indian Restaurant Brockenhurst


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Does exactly what it says on the tin !

Curry Club Runners Official Song – click on link !

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Apply online before September 30th.

The closing date for this excellent, and it must be said predominantly female, 10K is September 30th. Lousy weather last year but great scenery around Beaulieu. Click on the Beaulieu 10K link for entry details.Beualieu House

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Signing into Wordpress

As promised at this morning’s run, I am including a few details of how you can post an article to the Curry Club Runners blog.  Firstly, it’s a good idea to take a look at my friend Vince’s site where his article blogging explained pretty much describes what blogs are about.

There are three ways to contribute to the blog.  The first is as an administrator.  At the moment, that’s just me (Jerry).  The other two ways are as an author (if you want to post an article) and the last way is to post a comment.  As it is currently set up, anyone can post a comment but to post an article you first have to be registered with WordPress (the organisation that provides the blog) and then I have to (as administrator) set the rights for you to post articles.  This I can do when I know what your WordPress Username is (you can send me an e-mail)

To get a username for wordpress, visit www.wordpress.com (click on the link) and follow the Sign Me Up banner near the top of the page.  When it asks for your e-mail address, you can either use your home e-mail or your @brockenhurst.net e-mail.  You then have the choice of having your own blog or simply being registered with wordpress.  You don’t need your own blog unless you would specifically like one.

Hope this helps !

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New Forest Half Marathon

The New Forest Half Marathon creeps up on us like a chilly mist – September 16th. Representing the Curry Club Runners this year, are:

Jerry, Nigel, Phil, Rob, Russ and Richard N.

Support of family, friends and colleagues most welcome !

Half Marathon course

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New Curry Club Runners kit

Many thanks to Richard Newsom who has organised and purchased the new, official(!) curry club runners half marathon running kit. For those who have not already purchased, it is available form Alexandra sports in Portsmouth. Click on the Alexandra Sports link to take you straight to the page.

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We are the Curry Club Runners

Welcome to the Curry Club Runners blog. The mission statement of the Curry Club Runners is to run and eat curry, though not at the the same time. We run the paths, roads, heaths and bogs of the New Forest every Sunday at 8:00 a.m. from a number of select locations around Brockenhurst, East Boldre, Sway and Hordle typically covering distances between 6-8 miles. Every so often, we also eat curry at a number of high quality Indian Restaurants.

Our spiritual home is the Dynasty Restaurant, Brookley Road, Brockenhurst. Anyone seeking to join the Club please contact Jerry on Jerry@brockenhurst.net. Please check out the membership category to see the biogs of current members and those who have served.

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