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Snow joke

The run from Steve’s house on April 6th brought a unique set of weather conditions for the Curry Club Runners – snow.  “Stato” Williams reminded the group that we had once run in snowy conditions some four years ago but that was in clear conditions rather than the blizzard that had descended over Brockenhurst.Curry Club runners before the run

For once no one quibbled at the suggestion of Royden Woods as a destination.  The plan was to stay out of the snow as much as possible and to give our new runner Martin a spicy taste of the Curry Club way of running.  Once we arrived at Royden Woods, as the blizzard worsened so the behaviour of some runners returned to the school playground.  Snow could be rolled into small balls and thrown.  it was.Bob, Nigel and Russ in Royden Woods

As the runners carried on deeper into the woods the conditions actually improved to the extent that it was becoming enjoyable.

Russ, Bob, Nigel and Steve

On the return leg, the conditions deteriorated considerably, as this photo of Russ of the Antartic, famous polar explorer, shows.

Russ of the Antartic

Well, we all arrived home safe and sound, including Martin who claimed to have enjoyed his first curry club run.  These conditions are unlikely to be repeated – not often does the Sunday morning run coincide with the heaviest snow for years.  The irony was that by 2:00 p.m. there was almost no evidence that it had ever snowed, such was the speed of the thaw.

Curry Club runners back at Steve;s

It should be noted that the Curry Club spies noticed some runners had bunked off to go sledging with their kids.  Their actions have been noted !

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